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Co-creator of the All Brand New DISRUPTO SUPERHERO series debuting DISRUPTO, a superhero on a mission to fight conformity. The series takes place in an imaginary world called Creatureland; which reflects today’s world, but all characters are creatures.

Episode 1 "The Birth of DISRUPTO” is now available to view online, please visit www.disruptosuperhero.com

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Proud sponsor of “Sheconomics”, a special panel discussion on disrupting systematic and personal barriers to wealth, in conjunction with a rare performance by Gloria Steinem in her namesake play “Gloria: A Life”. 

winning play$ benefit at Gloria, a Life


Promoting financial literacy for children, co-sponsoring an event at the Paley Center for Media “Black Women, Feminism, & Empowerment,” featuring a group of extraordinary panelists including Gloria Steinem, Carol Jenkins, and Angela Yee and moderator, Stacey Tisdale of Winning Play$.



Co-creator of United Imagination, with a mission to promote imaginative exploration as a method of wellness and healing. www.unitedimagination.net